Tilapia Fish Farm in Mocumbo


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Tilapia Fish Farm in Mocumbo

Based in Ponta Mucombo on lake Lhlamane since 2018, the Tilapia Fish Farm aims to provide the local community with a reliable source of premium, high quality fish. Tilapia fish are very high in protein and were already naturally present in the lake, making it easy to grow their numbers to keep up with the demand. 

Despite being indigenous to Mozambique, the Tilapia is considered an invasive species, which is why we take extra precautions to keep our Tilapia farm contained and maintained. However, as an affordable solution to consistently feed the fish until ready to harvest, the Tilapia allows us to supply a sustainable food source to the local community. 

Ponta Mucombo is a small community in the south of Mozambique in which food in abundance is hard to come by. We employ local community members to help us grow and manage the Tilapia farm. The food we use to feed the fish is locally and naturally grown and produced in community gardens, which adds another revenue stream to the locals who produce it. 

Our intention is to not only grow knowledge and deliver a reliable food source but to also provide fish for families to sell at local markets and/or take back to the community for food, thus creating a sustainable source of income and food security.