Justin Rautenbach

Put a fishing rod in his hand, and he could not be happier! With a wealth of diverse knowledge and expertise, including being a South African Junior National bass angler, Justin is an all-rounder, outdoor loving kinda guy.

As soon as he left school, Justin moved to Tanzania, where he underwent training to work as a camp manager for Tanzania Game Tracker Safaris, later, assisting with the management of safari lodges in Zambia.

Justin is licenced both as a Sheltered Water Skipper and a Sea Competence Day Skipper.
He has experience in professional angling, hunting, wildlife conservation, anti-poaching operations, advanced off-road driving, safari camp management, agriculture, construction, organisational leadership, and community engagement; to name a few.

With his incredibly wide-ranging angling experience, Justin believes he can guarantee any guest: “If you’d like to catch your own fish for dinner, you will!”

When it comes to languages, he speaks English, Afrikaans, isiZulu and Kiswahili, and is quickly becoming professionally conversant in basic Portuguese, as well as other local Mozambican dialects.

Justin is also a proud father and husband and his family have been lucky enough to call Mozambique their home, for over two years. As they often say to each other, “We keep thinking this must be a dream! But, then, we wake up and realise the reality: It is!”