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Our Legacy

An island that was destined to become a luxury resort, inspired a crusade to foster conservation in the communities, and beyond.

Fire Island, translated from the Portuguese “Ilha do Fogo”, is a breathtaking, remote island, within Primeiras e Segundas Environmental Protection Area, in Mozambique. This EPA is Africa’s largest coastal marine reserve, and home to incredibly diverse fauna and flora, including endangered turtles.

When American-born businessman, Robert Koski, purchased Ilha do Fogo almost a decade ago, he and his team discovered that it was ravaged by poachers, and sadly, the endangered Hawksbill and Green turtles were the main victims of the poaching. His dream to build a resort was quickly replaced by a desire to protect these imperilled species, and thus, Fire Island Conservation was born.

The island is an essential turtle nesting site, and we founded a turtle monitoring program, to help ensure their nesting process is unimpeded. The project aims to empower Pebane locals with the knowledge to understand the conservation issues, and the skills to carry out the monitoring and tagging of these animals. This is one of many projects we have established to empower our local communities, while providing an alternative income opportunity to poaching.

Our community and conservation projects are supported by our eco-tourism efforts, which include SCUBA diving adventures on the island, and eco-luxury lodges across Africa.

Pebane Beach Lodge is the closest property to the island, and The Monarch, Loggerhead Lodge and Leatherback Lodge are situated on the southern coast of Mozambique. We have recently added Vida Nova Retreat in Cape Town, and Vida Nova Kruger in Marloth Park, to our eco-lodge offerings.

We continue to strive towards our dream of living sustainably and in harmony with nature.